About the Well-Being Worksheet

The Energy Scale measures the power of emotions.

It is divided into four quarters : 

POWER - elevating the well-being of others

WELL-BEING - elevating to higher personal energy

PAIN - emotional pain and suffering

FORCE - "my needs first!"

  • You have heard the phrases "good vibes" or "bad vibes"?

  • Others can feel your "vibes" or energy frequencies.

  • You are effecting the world around you.

  • The higher your energy the greater your well-being.

  • The lower your energy the more suffering you will endure (and cause.)

  • The Scale helps to strengthen your commitment to direct your focus higher.

  • Elevate your focus during stress and keep it elevated throughout the day.

  • Use the scale as a visual reminder.

  • Simply focus on the higher elements of the scale.

  • Anything below zero will weaken your muscles and your immune system and will drain the people around you.


♥ Our first goal for using this the scale is to elevate our own energy above "survival."

♥ The second goal is to help others do the same.

♥ We can do both at the same time by directing the focus up the scale. 

♥ Together we can lift the energy of the world!


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